Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beijing Olympics Mascot ‘Fuwa’ Turned from Good Luck Dolls to the Sign of Curse

The organizers of Beijing Olympic Games introduced five official Olympic mascots in the shape of Fuwa, known as Good Luck Dolls in Chinese language. Four of the five mascots take the shape of the favorite animals of Chinese people, and the fifth one looks like Olympic Torch. Naturally, mascot of a global event always remains in the priority list of merchandising products of the organizers.

However, the mascots now turned into curse to the Chinese people, who suffered a lot due to the recent earthquake. The mascots have been termed as the "Curse of the Fuwa" liking it to the earth quake that caused heavy loses in the country. Governments is trying to stop this message of "Curse of the Fuwa" being spread out across the country, but through text messages the rumor is being spread out in China. For example, one of the mascots, Jingjing, symbolizes Panda, which is the native animal of heavily damaged Sichuan province in China.

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