Sunday, October 26, 2008

IOC Present Jacques Rogge to Run for a Second Term as IOC President

Jacques Rogge, the current president of International Olympic Committee (IOC), has recently announced his candidature for a second four-year term as IOC president. He was elected IOC president in 2001 for an eight-year term which will finish next year and the next IOC election will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There is a possibility Jacques Rogge might win the election unopposed for a second term as IOC president because there is no other IOC member likely to run for the presidential post in IOC. The senior members IOC members like vice president Lambis Nikolaou appreciated the decision of Jacques Rog to stand for a second term in IOC office. During his first term as IOC president, two Olympic Games- 2004 Athens Olympic Games and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games- were successfully held.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Record 4.7 billion Television Viewers Watched Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008 has presented a number of eye-catching events for the sports fans across the world. How much it attracted the world fans could be revealed through a recent statistics unveiled by sports programming experts in Monaco on 22 October 2008.

According to the statistics, Beijing Olympic Games 2008 has seen excellent growth in the number of television viewers which reached a record 4.7 billion for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, 20% increase compared to the television viewer of 2004 Athens Games. The growth was largely observed in the US where record 214 million viewers enjoyed Beijing Olympics over 17 days on NBC’s television channels. Even NBC’s website was visited by tens of millions of fans. Interestingly, 93% of the internet users also went on to enjoy the Olympic events on television. The number of users of other mediums like video on demand and mobile telephones were also satisfactory.

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