Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking for 2010 Winter Olympics Tickets?

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Sports Items for You

Sports is a hot topic for most people in the world and there is always something in some corner of the world. Human thing that only on the big six or one cup football are Big events but the reality is that there are many tournaments that attract a lot of people. Think of tennis and think of female players to attract a lot of men with their beauty and professionalism. Even the Mayor players are popular two and they you have a huge fan following in the whole globe. Think of football which is the most popular game and millions of people are crazy for it. Is should not get too much excited about it After reading this entry: 10 Reasons: Not to become Passionate about Football

Sunday, October 26, 2008

IOC Present Jacques Rogge to Run for a Second Term as IOC President

Jacques Rogge, the current president of International Olympic Committee (IOC), has recently announced his candidature for a second four-year term as IOC president. He was elected IOC president in 2001 for an eight-year term which will finish next year and the next IOC election will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There is a possibility Jacques Rogge might win the election unopposed for a second term as IOC president because there is no other IOC member likely to run for the presidential post in IOC. The senior members IOC members like vice president Lambis Nikolaou appreciated the decision of Jacques Rog to stand for a second term in IOC office. During his first term as IOC president, two Olympic Games- 2004 Athens Olympic Games and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games- were successfully held.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Record 4.7 billion Television Viewers Watched Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008 has presented a number of eye-catching events for the sports fans across the world. How much it attracted the world fans could be revealed through a recent statistics unveiled by sports programming experts in Monaco on 22 October 2008.

According to the statistics, Beijing Olympic Games 2008 has seen excellent growth in the number of television viewers which reached a record 4.7 billion for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, 20% increase compared to the television viewer of 2004 Athens Games. The growth was largely observed in the US where record 214 million viewers enjoyed Beijing Olympics over 17 days on NBC’s television channels. Even NBC’s website was visited by tens of millions of fans. Interestingly, 93% of the internet users also went on to enjoy the Olympic events on television. The number of users of other mediums like video on demand and mobile telephones were also satisfactory.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

China Clinched Record 8 Gold Medals in Table Tennis at Beijing Olympics

China showed overall dominance in table tennis event at Beijing Olympic Games, winning eight gold medals. Chinese men and women earlier confirmed their gold in team events. Later on, Chinese women kept hundred percent success rate in singles two days ago. On the last day of Beijing Olympic, it was men’s turn to prove their dominance in men’s singles. Actually, Jorgen Persson from Sweden was not only player outside China in men’s gold medal round, but he was easily outclassed by Wang Liqin in the singles.

China is always a big name in table tennis, but winning eight gold medals in one single Olympic Games has been something special for the Chinese. In fact, this has been the first time a team sweeps eight gold medals in table tennis in the history of Olympic Games.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Olympics 2008: The Waiting is Over

Yes, the waiting is over for Beijing Summer Olympic Games 2008. From today, football matches started. Good thing is that Brazil won against Belgium. Argentina has won too and I am happy that Messi is playing for Argentina. This should boost their chance of retaining the gold medal. Of course, Barcelona is not happy because Barcelona wanted desperately Messi not to play in Olympics 2008.

Enough of football. In fact, I think that the most attractive disciplines in Olympics are swimming and athletics.

Tomorrow, is the grand opening ceremony of Olympics 2008. So, have a good time and enjoy the games.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Usain Bolt will try both 100 and 200 Meters Beijing 2008

Usain Bolt is the runner from Jamaica and he is considered to be one of the top favorites to win 200 meters competition in Bejing 2008. So, some people wondered whether he would run for 100 meters.

Friday, July 25, 2008

China Taking Extensive Security Measure in Co-ordination with Other Countries

Ahead of the much-awaited Beijing Olympics Games 2008, Chinese government has taken an extensive security measure in collaboration with other countries. The government is trying to ensure a strong security for the world’s biggest sports occasion. Beijing Olympics Games 2008 will kick off on 8 August 2008. Ray Mey, a consultant with U.S.-based private security firm GardaWorld, has said that it is impossible to make an event like Olympics completely secure because there are many athletes, heads of state, corporate VIPs and spectators from different countries expected to visit Beijing during the games. reported:

"The fact of the matter is that you can't completely secure an event like this so there is a risk that something could happen," Ray Mey, who spent 23 years working for the FBI, told

"Will it happen? Probably not. But can it happen? Yes."

Mey also added that China had already spent about US$10 billion in the last seven years on security ground. During Olympics Games 80,000 security guards will only be involved with the event.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beijing Olympics Committee to Provide Sponsors with Some Benefits

Chain is going to provide some benefits to the official sponsors of Beijing Olympics Games 2008, curtail the scope of non-paying business organization. In order to become an official sponsor, sponsors had to pay $65 million. That is why, Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games wants to repay something to the sponsors and has recently asked the other advertising agencies not to use Olympic symbols without their permission.

World famous organization, Nike is expected to be the biggest loser due to this move. Nike has an extensive marketing plan in China on the occasion of Beijing Olympics Games. There is good news for the official broadcasting agencies as well. Beijing Organizing Committee will allow limited number of agencies for live coverage from Tiananmen Square. The committee also asked the media agencies to air the ads of the Olympic sponsors.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

FIFA Called on Clubs to Release U-23 Players for Beijing Olympic Games

FIFA, governing body of world football, has asked the clubs to let their under 23 players go to attend the Beijing Olympics Games 2008 in China. As per law of Olympic Games, a team can have only three players over 23-years old and the other members must be 23 or under. According to FIFA law, all professional clubs must release the 23 or Under 23 players to participate in Olympic Games soccer, while the teams are not bound to let the averaged player go to take part in the competition.

FIFA has recently restated this rule after two German clubs denied to release two Brazilian players who are within the age of 23. Werder Bremen said that it would not let 23-year old Deigo go to Beijing, while Schalke is also not interested to release 2-year-old defender Rafinha to represent Brazil in soccer competition in Beijing Olympics Games.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beijing Olympics Mascot ‘Fuwa’ Turned from Good Luck Dolls to the Sign of Curse

The organizers of Beijing Olympic Games introduced five official Olympic mascots in the shape of Fuwa, known as Good Luck Dolls in Chinese language. Four of the five mascots take the shape of the favorite animals of Chinese people, and the fifth one looks like Olympic Torch. Naturally, mascot of a global event always remains in the priority list of merchandising products of the organizers.

However, the mascots now turned into curse to the Chinese people, who suffered a lot due to the recent earthquake. The mascots have been termed as the "Curse of the Fuwa" liking it to the earth quake that caused heavy loses in the country. Governments is trying to stop this message of "Curse of the Fuwa" being spread out across the country, but through text messages the rumor is being spread out in China. For example, one of the mascots, Jingjing, symbolizes Panda, which is the native animal of heavily damaged Sichuan province in China.

If you want to know more regarding this issue then read this Telegraph report

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Consumer Research Project Launches ahead of Beijing Olympic Games

Olympics Games is always a big sporting event in the world. No matter, where it is taking place or who are going to organize it. Olympic Games is truly a global event. The upcoming Beijing Olympic Games 2008 is no different. The organizers are busy with their preparations, fans waiting to see their stars in action and the business executives are working round the clock to make sure the best possible return they could make from Beijing Olympics Games. On the occasion of this grand event, people from around the world would come to Beijing during Olympics Games 2008 and demand for daily commodities would suddenly increase. So, the business companies are working out the strategies to get the best out of this chance. Recently, an Olympics focused consumer research project has been launched by ChinaPolling and

The consumer research project would provide consumer data to the advertising clients, giving a brief view of how consumers are taking their preparations ahead of the Games and the possible affect of the Olympics Games on consumer behavior. reported:

This one-of-a-kind consumer research, launched on April 25th, is a move by to provide better consumer data to its advertising clients. The survey will provide insights into how consumers in China are preparing for the upcoming games and how the games will affect their purchase behavior. was recently granted the Internet and mobile platform exhibition rights within China for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

No doubt, this research project would help the business companies, manufacturers to understand the insight of the consumers. Moreover, the advertising agencies would be able to make the most effective ad for their clients.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beijing Olympics Games Basketball Competition Draw Held

The draw for Basketball competition of Beijing Olympics Games has been held on 26 April 2008. The International Basketball Association (FIBA) organized the draw of both men’s and women’s tournament. Nine men’s team and seven women’s team took part in the draw. Three men’s and five women’s teams will be decided in the qualifying competition to be held before the Beijing Olympic Games kicks off on 8 August 2008. Men’s qualifying competition will take place at on July 14th-20th at Athens, Greece and the women’s qualifying competition will be held on June 9th-15th at Madrid, Spain. Three berths for Men’s and five berths for Women’s competitions will be decided in the qualifying competition.

Xinhuanet reported:


Group A: Lithuania, Russia, Argentina, Australia, Iran, qualifier

Group B: China, Spain, United States, Angola, and two qualifiers


Group A: Russia, Australia, South Korea, and three qualifiers

Group B: China, United States, Mali, New Zealand, and two qualifiers.

Beijing Olympics Games 2008 has become one of the biggest attractions of this year in the spots world. Beijing Olympics Games Basketball tournament will begin with hosts China taking on USA basketball team. Now, let us see who are going to win the berths remaining both men’s and women’s competition of Beijing Olympics Games.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tom Daley in Beijing Olympics 2008

Tom Daley may not be a big celebrity yet and he is only 13 years old but he has a lot of potential to make some media buzz in Beijing Olympics 2008.

Telegraph wrote:

He is just 13 years old but pint-sized Tom Daley, the diving sensation from Plymouth, could well emerge from the Beijing Olympics with a giant reputation. This week he will be in the Chinese capital attempting to qualify Olympic places for Britain and, though GB team selection will not finalised until later in the year, his precocious talent could well make him the youngest athlete ever to represent the country at a summer Olympic Games.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

IOC Hopeful to Keep Air Pollution under Control

The preparation for the Beijing Olympics Games 2008 is now going on with full swing. However, the problems are coming one after another. Earlier, it was reported that construction workers were dead while working at the main stadium of the games. That was gone without anything being proven. Now, the latest problem is the concern over air pollution. The environmentalists are putting the issue forward in order make organizers aware regarding the issue.

However, Vice-chairman of IOC Coordination Commission, R. Kevan Gosper, has denied having any air pollution saying that Beijing authority is spending money to keep the air quality intact. He has also said that the concerns over air pollution have been raised many times in the past. However, the organizers got over the problems and the same will be applicable for the Beijing Olympics Games as well.

China Daily reported:

"Ever since I've been on the IOC: in the 1984 Los Angeles games, we were worried about pollution because they had few public transport and most were motor cars, and at the 1988 Seoul Games we were also worried because it was an industrial city," he said, adding that the similar worries emerged in the run up to the 2004 Athens games.

"The Beijing authorities have been spending a lot of money on air quality, both as part of Beijing's needs as well as the games' needs," said the Australian.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Organizers Denied the Reported Death of Ten Laborers during Beijing Olympics Stadium Construction

The preparations for Beijing Olympics Games are now going in full swing. However, reports have it that ten laborers have been died during the construction work of the national stadium called “Bird’s Nest”. However, the organizers have denied all those rumors saying the construction is now going on smoothly.

USA Today reported:

"At the moment, construction at the national stadium is going smoothly and according to plan," Sun said.

"Beijing municipal government and BOCOG both attached great importance to the safety of the Olympic venue construction. When it comes to the Olympic venue construction, safety always comes first."

Friday, January 18, 2008

Song to be Composed on the Theme of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has already come under the media focus. Ahead of the world’s biggest sporting competition, fans, organizers and participants are very much excited. It is logical too. However, now it seems that singers also have the reason to be excited. Celine Dion has recently declared that she will compose a song based on Beijing Olympics Games and will perform it in her first concert in Beijing in April.

Chinadaily reported:

"I'm looking forward to my first-ever concert on the Chinese mainland," Dion said via video link-up at this week's press conference.

Having won five Grammy Awards, 20 Junos, 39 Felix awards and seven World Music Awards, Dion is also no newcomer to the world of sport. She sang "The Power of the Dream" as the theme song for the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics Games Authority Unveiled the Uniform of Torch Bearers

Beijing 2008 Olympics Games authority has recently made the uniforms of the torch bearers public. The red-orange uniform will be for the torch bearers, whereas escorts will be seen in blue. Ahead of this year’s Olympics Games, a series of preparations are going on in Beijing.

Aroundtherings reported:

The so-called collaterals for the relay – the cauldron, torch stand and lantern that holds a backup flame – resemble the silver and red cloud design of the torch quite closely.

But a color scheme of white matched with bright red, orange, yellow and blue will define the runners, their transport and city decorations. Torchbearers' uniforms are white with red-orange accents; escort and staff wear white and blue. The relay vehicle convoy and chartered airplane are white with orange and yellow. Banners to be hung in torch relay cities will be done in red-orange or blue.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics Games to Help Beijing Flourish its Tourism Sector

With Beijing 2008 Olympics Games coming nearer, the preparation of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games stronger. Now, Beijing authority is planning to make a boost in its tourism sector on the occasion of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games. Beijing Olympics authority is expected 600,000 foreigners and 2.5 domestic visitors during the Olympics Games. So, it is a big chance for Beijing to make the best out of this opportunity to delop its tourism sector.

China Knowledge reported:

Chen Jian, president of the Beijing Olympic Economy Research Association, said from August, 600,000 foreigners and 2.5 million domestic visitors are expected to flood into the capital for the Games. While more than 4.5 million foreigners will visit Beijing for sightseeing, with expected spending of US$4.8 billion to US$4.9 billion in total, whereas the spending of 101 million to 102 million domestic tourists is RMB 143 billion to RMB 149 billion (US$19.7 billion to US$20.5 billion).

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ben Ainslie Selected for Beijing 2008 Olympics Games

Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie has been nominated to take part in Beijing 2008 Olympics Games. This will be his fourth Olympic Games in his career. The 30 year old sailor along with eight more has been selected by British Olympic Association recently. He will compete in the heavyweight Finn class in Beijing Olympics. His performance in Sydney International Regatta was instrumental to impress the Royal Yachting Association selectors to include in the Beijing bound team.

BYM News reported:

“It is fantastic news to be chosen to defend my Olympic Finn title in Beijing, and I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to once again represent my country at the Olympics,” said Ainslie.

“I am delighted to announce the first nine official members of Team GB for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games,” said Simon Clegg, BOA Chief Executive and 2008 Chef de Mission. “Sailing is one of our core sports, one which has medalled consistently over many years, and which claimed five medals at the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Budgets $40 Billion

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is coming nearer. World’s biggest sporting competition will take place in Beijing, China this year. So, the preparation for the Games is going on round the clock now. You know that organizing Olympic Games is not a matter of joke and it needs lots of investment. It is expected that 500,000 foreigners will visit Beijing during the Olympics Games. The $40 Billion budgeted competition will be the center of all attention throughout the world.

CNN Money reported:

$40 BILLION has been budgeted for Beijing's makeover, which also includes $800 million for Rem Koolhaas's new headquarters for CCTV, the local Olympics broadcaster, and $2.8 billion for a new airport terminal. Beijing expects 500,000 foreigners to attend the games and four billion to watch on TV.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Chine Eyes on Public Health Development ahead of Beijing Olympics Games

China’s Ministry of Health is expecting to improve the health sector of the country ahead of the upcoming Beijing Olympics Games 2008. So, Beijing is now the center of all attention throughout the world. Chinese government see it as a great chance to develop the public health sector of China through different activities including disease monitoring, emergence response and medical treatment.

Xinhuanet reported:
"The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games provides a great opportunity for the country's public health development. Beijing will join hands with co-host cities and its neighboring provinces to strengthen disease-related information monitoring and make risk evaluations on the possible public health accidents."
He said rehearsals would be held and exercises in public health accidents would be improved. This was to prevent, reduce and eliminate risks in the public health sphere during the August Games to the maximum.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Human Rights Development Becomes a Major Concerns Ahead of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games

The whole world is now eagerly waiting for the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games to be held in August 2008. However, there is report out that Beijing could not yet fulfill it’s pomise to develop the human rights before Olympics Games start. Recently, Police arrested an activist from the dining room of his house and his wife is now under home arrest. So, it has become a major concern of the human rights institutions.

BBC reported:

This summer, all eyes will be on it as it plays host to the Olympic Games.

Foreign campaigners say Beijing has not fulfilled its promise to improve human rights ahead of the Olympics - a charge the Chinese government flatly denies.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Marathon Event of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will Begin from Tiananmen Square

The marathon event of upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympics Games will begin from the Tiananmen Square and will be finished in the new Olympic stadium. Tiananmen Square is one of the most popular tourist sports in the country and it has political linkage as well. A pro-democracy movement was held here in 1989 which resulted in killing many protesters.

AFP reported:

According to the newspaper, citing a source on the organising committee for the Beijing Games, the route will be officially unveiled in February or March.

The finish line will be located in the new Olympic stadium -- known as the "Bird's Nest" because of its intricate design of interwoven steel -- in the north of the Chinese capital.

The women's marathon is set to take place on August 17, while the men will compete on August 24.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Being Olympics Games 2008 Preparation Going on with Full Swing

Ahead of the Beijing Olympics Games, the construction works and other preparations are being taken in Beijing now, even despite the snowfall of winter season. Beijing Olympic Games 2008 is now the center of all attention among the participants of the competition. Beijing Olympics Games will kick off on August 8. Though most of the events will take place in Beijing, some events will also be held in other cities of China. However, equestrian will be held in Hong Kong.

For the biggest sporting festival of the world, several construction events works are now going on and organizers are spending a busy time in order to ensure a successful Olympics Games this year. Now, let us see if they can arrange everything successfully.

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