Friday, July 25, 2008

China Taking Extensive Security Measure in Co-ordination with Other Countries

Ahead of the much-awaited Beijing Olympics Games 2008, Chinese government has taken an extensive security measure in collaboration with other countries. The government is trying to ensure a strong security for the world’s biggest sports occasion. Beijing Olympics Games 2008 will kick off on 8 August 2008. Ray Mey, a consultant with U.S.-based private security firm GardaWorld, has said that it is impossible to make an event like Olympics completely secure because there are many athletes, heads of state, corporate VIPs and spectators from different countries expected to visit Beijing during the games. reported:

"The fact of the matter is that you can't completely secure an event like this so there is a risk that something could happen," Ray Mey, who spent 23 years working for the FBI, told

"Will it happen? Probably not. But can it happen? Yes."

Mey also added that China had already spent about US$10 billion in the last seven years on security ground. During Olympics Games 80,000 security guards will only be involved with the event.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beijing Olympics Committee to Provide Sponsors with Some Benefits

Chain is going to provide some benefits to the official sponsors of Beijing Olympics Games 2008, curtail the scope of non-paying business organization. In order to become an official sponsor, sponsors had to pay $65 million. That is why, Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games wants to repay something to the sponsors and has recently asked the other advertising agencies not to use Olympic symbols without their permission.

World famous organization, Nike is expected to be the biggest loser due to this move. Nike has an extensive marketing plan in China on the occasion of Beijing Olympics Games. There is good news for the official broadcasting agencies as well. Beijing Organizing Committee will allow limited number of agencies for live coverage from Tiananmen Square. The committee also asked the media agencies to air the ads of the Olympic sponsors.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

FIFA Called on Clubs to Release U-23 Players for Beijing Olympic Games

FIFA, governing body of world football, has asked the clubs to let their under 23 players go to attend the Beijing Olympics Games 2008 in China. As per law of Olympic Games, a team can have only three players over 23-years old and the other members must be 23 or under. According to FIFA law, all professional clubs must release the 23 or Under 23 players to participate in Olympic Games soccer, while the teams are not bound to let the averaged player go to take part in the competition.

FIFA has recently restated this rule after two German clubs denied to release two Brazilian players who are within the age of 23. Werder Bremen said that it would not let 23-year old Deigo go to Beijing, while Schalke is also not interested to release 2-year-old defender Rafinha to represent Brazil in soccer competition in Beijing Olympics Games.

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